The Fabrication Lab is a facility of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster. We provide the analogue and digital tools, spaces and expertise to make, experiment and explore ideas through making.


The Fabrication Lab has a range of CNC machines from a tangential knife to 7 axis robotic arms. We have mills to machine topography, cut large complex 1:1 tests and smaller 'mini' mills to quickly machine smaller models, components or moulds for casting. Whatever the project, or material, whether it is 2 axis, 3 axis or more that you need we have a CNC that is suitable.


The Print Shop within the Fabrication Lab provides two options for large format printing.




The woodshop is at the core of the Fabrication Laboratory. Whether it is making moulds for casting or creating 1:1 models, the Woodshop is an indispensable Lab within the process of making.




Film, Photograph, 3D scan, the process of digitally* capturing your work is all provided for in the brand new light lab. Equipped with professional studio lights, you can lights... camera... action!

*If you want to shoot analogue you are more than welcome.


The Lab is open to all currently enrolled students and staff of the Faculty and our professional members. The PrintShop is available to use straight away, and you are welcome to see what is happening in the Podium Lab. For anything else, you'll need to register and do Essentials where required.


Here in the Fabrication Lab we have five Trotec laser cutters ranging in power from 30W to 100W. These machines are ideal for detailed cutting and engraving. They are particularly suited for scale architectural models but there possibilities do not end there. They are an accessible and powerful fabrication tool for beginners as well as for those with a more advanced skill-set.


Our 3D printing facilities range from open access Makerbots that you can come, plug in and print, to more advanced printers that print in a range of materials and colours.



A dedicated Lab for fabricating metals and plastics. With a hot work area for spot welding metal and vacuum forming plastic. With all the tools and machines required for your projects.


The casting lab is a purpose built space in which you can not only cast your moulds in a variety of materials from plaster and concrete to Jesmonite and silicone, you can also experiment with the materials you use. 




Merry Christmas

So that you can plan a head, the Lab will be closed from the 19th, the Print Shop and Laser Lab will re-open on the 3rd
and the rest of the Lab will open on the 7th January.