FINALISED MODEL The given site provided plenty of opportunity to the use passive design. The site offered natural lighting, heating and ventilation, which I tried to utilise as much as possible.There are many ways of using passive design such as passive heating, passive cooling, orientation, shading, glazing, ventilation and airtightness etc (Yourhome, 2022). The hospice’s shape (v/u shape) and facing north allows the back side of the building to get all the sun, making it perfect for natural heating. The windows are big and can absorb the heat. The chances of overheating will be minimised by the solar control glazed windows, which will allow the building to keep the perfect temperature inside. Also, the windows will be frosted in order to offer full privacy. Natural ventilation through the winds coming from the south-west will also prevent overheating in the building. The cool air entering the house will make the warm air rise and get out of the building (Energy, 2022). The big windows will allow natural light to enter in the most used areas during the day.