Y1 Group C In a year where our understanding of the city and the role of the government in our lives has been changed we will focus on generosity as a key theme. Who does the city belong to and who does the government represent are at the forefront of our minds as we watch current events unfold. London is at a moment of seismic shift, we have left the EU, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, and are potentially facing a period of economic depression. However, we still choose to live in London and a city maybe because of the potential it offers for transformation and growth. What might the city of the future look like? And whose ideas, needs and dreams should shape it? Our projects will explore how cities could better serve their communities and enhance our shared culture by opening up a space for exchange and experimentation. We will try to understand the urban landscape as a cultural, social and physical palimpsest, uncovering it’s layers through our proposals placing citizens at the centre of the evolution of the city. Ultimately the project’s take on the theme of generosity at every scale from a door handle to the urban block. Striving to improve social cohesion and bring transparency and democracy to decision making and focussing the priorities of the decision makers moving into the next decade in London and more specifically in Peckham.