Year 3 / BSc Architecture andEnvironmentalDesign TUTORS Paolo Cascone, Yota Adilenidou Paolo Cascone Senior Lecturer, Year 3 and Module Leader, DS3A, BSc Architecture and Environmental Design, Uni- versity of Westminster Born in Italy and grew up between West Indies and East Africa is an AA trained architect with a PhD at the intersection of environmental engineering and sustainable architecture. Paolo is founding director of CODESIGNLAB, he has been lecturing and teaching in different schools of architecture in Europe such as the ESA of Paris and the Milan Polytechnic, he is currently the scientific director of the African Fabbers project. His work on high/low tech design and performative architecture has been exhibited and published widely. The African Fabbers project is going to be displayed at the Italian Pavilion of the next Venice Biennale of Architecture (May 2021). Yota Adilenidou Part-Time Lecturer, DS3A, BSc Architecture and Environmental Design, University of Westminster Yota Adilenidou holds a Diploma in Architecture from AUTh, an MSc. AAD from GSAPP, Columbia University and a PhD by Architectural Design by The Bartlett, UCL. She is the Director of Arch-hives Ltd., a practice that focuses on the research of computational methodologies and digital fabrication for the evolution and activation of matter and form. She worked with Eisenman Architects, Evan Douglis, and Sakellaridou & Papanikolaou Architects. She co-curated the international exhibition Synathroisis, the conference Seeking Public Space, and designed experimental architectural installations for numerous exhibitions. She was an Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Architecture of AUTh, the Programme Coordinator for DRL MArch in Architectural Association, a Visiting Lecturer at Hertfordshire University, London College of Contemporary Arts, Central Saint Martins, and the University of Brighton. She is currently a Part-Time Lecturer at the University of Westminster and Chelsea College of Arts. YEAR 3 STUDENTS Genis Abdili, Armend Bajraktari, Preet Bansal, Chistiano Bizdani, Azuolas Compy, Dea Dalipi, Jonil- da Dilo, Christopher Garkov, Bahar Hekmat, Jennifer Housego, Valentin Hristov, Afnan Merza, Maya Mira, Atiya Moore, Carlos Neto, Rupinder Ryait, Viktorija Silkina, Anne-Flore Smits, Aruzhan Turgano- va, Tugce Yigit