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Digital Fabrication Workshop '18

The Digital Fabrication Workshop is an intense, short-burst teaching programme for first year BA Architecture and BSc Architecture and Environmental Design students focussing on model making using digital fabrication tools. Selecting and researching an architectural case study, each team of two students worked together to sketch model, test cut and assemble a final presentation piece for the DFW exhibition detailing the building at two scales.

This workshop is designed as students’ first exposure to CAD drafting and making high-quality, multi-material models, whilst learning how to best use laser cutting techniques to realise their architectural representations. Introducing the Fab Lab’s laser cutting machines through a process of drawing and prototyping scale model components.

Run as a 10-day competition, winners are selected by a panel of judges and through a popular vote via QR code voting during the initial exhibition opening. Prizes were awarded by Professor Harry Charrington, Professor Stephen Brookhouse and Director of the Fabrication Lab Dr David Scott.