The Fabrication Workshop brought together over 250 Westminster students, and tutors from across the Faculty. It gave students the opportunity to design, build and in a short period of time, exhibit a 1-to-1 installation in Ambika P3, one of London's great gallery spaces. The workshop developed skills in design through making and team working, while offering a rapid introduction to the Fabrication Lab and valuable practical experience on our analogue machine tools.  

Students participated from first year BA Interior Architecture, first year BA Architecture, and second year BSc Architectural Technology, Construction Management and Building Engineering. The groups followed briefs developed by their tutors, culminating in a variety of built installations presented in a public exhibition in P3. The event was followed the next day by the documentation of the installation through photographs and sketches, as well as Crits and presentations. You'll find images of the exhibition and of the following day in the gallery below. 

If you were a participant in the workshop, please would you take a couple of minutes to give us your feedback at the following link: Fabrication Workshop Feedback. We want to involve you in the development of this and other future workshops, so need to know how you found it, and what you would like to see more of next time. Your participation in feedback allows you to shape the way we run your courses at Westminster. Thanks in advance for your help, and we look forward to seeing you at the next workshop.

The Fabrication Workshop was a collaboration between students, tutors and staff from across the faculty. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part, including:
First year BA Interior Architecture, and their tutors: Lara Rettondini, Yota Adilenidou, Sue Phillips, Allan Sylvester
First year 
BA Architecture, and their tutors: Natalie Newey, Fiona Zisch & John Edwards, Richard Watson & Maria Kramer, Richa Mukhia & Virginia Rammou, Duarte Santo & Rut Cuenca, Matthew Stewart, Corinna Dean & Juan Pinol
BSc Architectural Technology, Construction Management, and Building Engineering, and their tutors: Virginia Rammou, Tabatha Harris-Mills, Adam Thwaites
Fabrication Lab: David Scott, Krista Zvirgzda, Lachlan Tomlin, Roisin de Cogan, Richard Watkins, Jed Dutton, Christian Newton, Steve Douglas, Ed Lancaster, Sabina Blasiotti, Drew Yates, Sneha Baptista, Simon McLanaghan, with Teo Cruz and Francois Girardin

With very many thanks to Kate Heron, Niall Carter and Heather Blair from Ambika P3 without whose support the project would not have been possible.

Fabrication Workshop Brief

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