Welcome to the Kinetic Architecture Workshop! The workshop begins first thing Monday morning and ends with a public exhibition and competition on Friday 15th, opening at 17.00. Please invite your friends and family to join us. Everything you need to participate in the workshop will be published on this webpage, so keep it bookmarked and use as your base for the week. You will be able to follow links from here to join the presentations, clinics and tutorials.

Workshop Brief:

The workshop builds on the Digital Fabrication Workshop that has run been run by the Fabrication Lab for many years. It involves a series of presentations, tutorials, digital clinics and practical work using both digital and physical tools. This year we’ve brought the project entirely online, but the project will otherwise progress in much the same way, with more extensive 3D digital representation making up for what we not able to do in the Lab.

This year the focus is on Kinetic Architecture - buildings and projects that feature ‘movement’ as a key element of the design. We’re interpreting this broadly as you’ll see from the set of projects we’ll be exploring this year that you will find in the section below. The workshop will form a collective architectural research project in its own right which will explore both the history and contemporary developments in the field of architecture.

You will be working in pairs throughout the workshop, and will be entering your project for both the exhibition and competition in your pair. You’ll also form part of a bigger group of a collection of projects based on one of the five themes we’re using to organise the projects, shown below.