The Fabrication Laboratory has a range of equipment available for short-time loan to staff and current students. Loans are based on equipment availability and are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The usual loan period is 48 hours, and equipment needs to be returned by 10.30am on the final day of the loan. Note that late return of equipment will result in borrowing privileges being revoked for a period exponentially proportional to the time that it is late. 

Borrowers are expected to safeguard the equipment while it is in their care and will be held accountable for loss, theft or damage. 

Before any equipment is removed from the Lab, it will be checked by a Lab Technician and you will need to complete an Equipment Loan Form. You will need your Staff or Student card in order to complete the form. You will also need a Lab Technician to complete a form recording the return of the equipment in the same condition that it was lent. 

All equipment will be loaned from and must be returned to the P1 Lab Office.

All equipment on loan will be subject to the following terms and conditions, and you will need to sign to say that you agree to be bound by these conditions before taking out the loan.

  • The Equipment has been checked and contains all items and any extras as shown undamaged. The items are accepted as being in working order.
  • You agree to take reasonable care of the Equipment and to be fully responsible for the Equipment borrowed, taking care to guard it against theft, damage or improper use. When not in your personal custody the equipment must be secured in a locked room or safe. Otherwise it must not be left unattended at any time. At no time must the Equipment be left in an unattended vehicle, even if it is locked.
  • You agree not to modify or use the Equipment in any way which may exclude it from its insurance coverage and use it only in accordance with its operating instructions.
  • Equipment is loaned for use for University work only and the borrower has no right to transfer or sell the Equipment to a third party. Students found taking out Equipment for anyone on the offenders list will themselves be banned from borrowing Equipment for seven weeks. The offenders list is a list of students to whom loan of Equipment has been refused.
  • The University has the right to recall any Equipment at any time for any reason by giving you written notice. In the event that you fail to return the Equipment at the end of the specified borrowing period or if requested to do so by the University, the University has the right to recover the Equipment.
  • You must immediately notify the Fabrication Laboratory in the event of any damage to the equipment. Do not attempt to repair it yourself. You must immediately notify the Fabrication Laboratory and the police in the event of any theft of the equipment while in your care. Please ensure you get a crime report number from the police when reporting a loss to them.
  • You must return the Equipment by the time specified on the last day of the loan period, or by 10.30a.m. if no other time has been agreed.
  • You agree to cover all reasonable costs for replacement or repair of any lost or damaged Equipment.