Before you use the Lab, there are some things you need to know about us, and a few things we need to know about you...

First, please read and learn the information in each of the sections below. Be sure to concentrate, as you'll need to pass the quiz that follows before you can proceed to the next step!




Our website offers lots of useful information about the Lab, as well as being the platform through which we deliver much of our training. Learn as much as you can from our website, and you'll get much more out of your time in the Lab.


Always ask if you’re unsure about anything. There is always a member of Lab Staff on hand to help.

10 - 5++

We’re typically open 10 - 5 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 10 - 9 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


We often open later close to submission dates, especially in the Laser Lab. For any changes in opening hours, check the website.


For anything other than the Lab Shop, Light Lab and Materials, you’ll need to Register. If you've got this far, you're already on the right track.

Dress Code

You need to follow our Dress Code to use the Machine Room (for safety reasons, not fashion).

Traffic Lights

All our equipment has a Traffic Light to show whether it's safe for you to use it without further instruction.

Training Courses

You'll need to learn how to use the tools in the Lab (even if you've used them before). We offer regular training courses for this, starting with Essentials Courses for each area.


We supply a wide range of materials for use in the Lab, at wholesale prices.


We encourage recycling of materials, and keep left-over and scrap material for you to use for no charge. Wherever there is a Recycle sign, feel free to use this material. Take only what you need though, and return any material left over to the place you found it.

Outside Materials

If you want to use any materials not supplied by us, you will need to bring a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the material, and ask the Lab Staff. We are a big institutions, and can only use materials in the Lab for which we have completed a COSHH form.


The Lab is cleared at the end of each day. Ask Lab Staff before leaving anything in the Lab overnight.


Most machines have red, emergency power off mushroom buttons (EPOs) that shut down the power to the machine. There are also EPOs that shut down the power to all the machines in the room. Make sure you know where these are before using the machines, and if ever you get into difficulty or see others struggling with a machine, feel free to press the button to switch off the power.


If there is an emergency, tell Lab Staff immediately. If no one is available call the Universities Emergency Contact number: x5555 (Remember: "Double 5, Double 5").


In the interest of your safety, CCTV cameras are in operation in all Lab spaces. By using the Lab you agree to us monitoring what is happening in the Lab on CCTV.

You need to dress appropriately before entering any area of the Lab where there are machine tools.

Many of the hazards of these machines can be controlled by simply dressing appropriately and wearing some simple PPE. Having loose hair, clothes or jewellery around machines is very dangerous, as they can become entangled in moving parts and draw your hands, arms or face into the machine.

You must also wear robust, covered shoes to protect your feet in case you or anyone else drops tools or heavy materials.

We will supply you with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to wear.

You must wear Safety Glasses whenever you are working with any tool to prevent flying particles from permanently damaging your sight.

You need only wear ear defenders and masks when it is indicated by a sticker on the machine, or wear you are creating prolonged noise or generating airborne dust (e.g. through extensive hand sanding).

safety glasses

Safety Glasses

Wear safety glasses whenever you are in the Machine Room, or working with a hand tool in the project space.



Contain your hair with a hair band and wear it in a bun.


Contain loose or dangling clothes.



Wear sturdy, covered shoes to protect your feet from falling materials and tools.

ear defender

Ear Defenders & Masks

Wear ear defenders & masks whenever it is indicated by a sticker on the machine.

All our machine tools have ‘Traffic Lights’ to indicate which are safe for you to use, and which require further instruction. Always follow the traffic lights on the machine so that you know what to do, and if in doubt, ask.


Red - Staff Only

Anything in the Lab marked with the RED traffic lighs is for Lab Staff use only.

Amber - Ask Staff

Please ask Lab Staff before using anything with the AMBER traffic light.

Green - GO!

GREEN traffic light means that you can use the machine as soon as you have completed the appropriate Essentials course.

Our aim is to make the Lab a great place to work. This can only happen if we all work together, both Lab Users and Lab Staff, and always work with each other in mind. So please keep to the following Lab etiquette:


Don’t bring food into the Lab
It's not a hygienic environment, it smells, it creates a mess, it annoys people - it's an all-round bad idea.
Only bring drinks in sealed bottles
Cups of coffee end up spilled all over people's work...
Don’t use your phone in the Lab
It's distracting for yourself and others. This means no phone calls and no sneaky texts etc. while supervising a machine
Never distract someone working at a machine
They'll mess up their work, and might cut off their finger. Be considerate and stand well clear so they can get on with their work safely
Clear-up after yourself
Allow us all to work in a clean and clutter free space
Cut on cutting mats
So you don't spoil the tables and worktops
Glue on gluing mats
So you don't spoil the cutting mats or the furniture
Spray in the spray room
So you don't force everyone else to breath in your spray, and over-spray stays in the spray booth where it can be extracted
Arrive for Essentials Courses on time
You can't afford to miss any of the information given in an induction. They start on time to the minute, and if you are not there, you'll have to book another time and come back. You will also have wasted a slot that someone else could have used. This won't make you popular!
Be nice to the staff!
We're doing our best to help you

If you think you need to, go back and review the information. Otherwise, please now proceed to the Quiz to see if you've got it!