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To expand the workshop setup for St Mary’s Bryanston Square, we also ran a parallel programme with a neighbouring school, St Edward’s Primary school. They also joined us for FAB FEST ‘18. The theme of the festival this year was Digital Cities. We were as interested to find out how the 7 - 9 year olds from the school would respond to the theme, as they were to find out what we might mean. Growing up in a world where the digital for them was already ubiquitous revealed interesting insights into how they saw technology shaping their cities.

For this second project with St Mary’s we invited them to the Lab for the workshop, which allowed us to give them a tour and show them in a more tangible way what we mean by a CNC cutting table, the tool used to help them with their workshop. We designed and provided CNC cut card in a form that would easily assemble into a pavilion, and following a short briefing, asked the children to illustrate each of these pavilion components with their vision of a digital city.

A selection of the keenest of the students then joined us during the FAB FEST assembly week to build a pavilion, adapting and designing the pavilion as they went. The pavilions were then featured in the festival, and available for their friends and families to see, occupy and enjoy.