Now in the Lab ... Architectural Media Workshop '20 Co-Lab with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill An exploration and celebration of nine key projects from one of the world's most influential architecture and engineering practices. AMW '20 draws on the collective talent and energy of more than 300 students of Architecture from the University of Westminster and the full resources of the Fabrication Lab. Follow on Instagram and book your place to see the results: Friday 18.00, January 17th 2020. Selected work will subsequently feature in a landmark exhibition by SOM in Ambika P3, March 2020.


The Architectural Media Workshop is a major new Fabrication Lab project launched this year in collaboration with the influential international architecture and engineering practice Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

AMW ‘20 brings together the collective talent and energy of more than 300 of our undergraduate students of Architecture, and Architecture and Environmental Design, working co-operatively with the Lab Team as a transient virtual architecture office. Together we will explore, re-present, and celebrate nine key projects from the long and illustrious history of SOM, presenting the resulting work through a range of media including a web portal, social media, public exhibition, and a comprehensive book detailing the process through which it was developed and the outputs of its many contributors.

The project draws on all the diverse physical and digital media for investigating architectural design we have in the Fabrication Lab at the University of Westminster. We will introduce students to additive and subtractive manufacturing using lasers, CNC mills & routers, 3D printing and 5-axis robotic milling, as well as experimenting with emerging tools for digital representation including LiDAR scanning and virtual and augmented reality. We will share building information and the Lab’s digital workflows, experimenting with the use of digital tools as facilitators of the collective production of projects.

AMW ‘20 is already underway - you can follow daily progress as it happens through the Project Portal: FabricationLab.London/Teaching/AMW20.

There will be a Topping-Out Party for participants on Friday, 20th December from 18.00, and the project will culminate in a public exhibition hosted in the Lab, beginning with a Private View on Friday, 17th January, from 18.00. Selected outputs from the project will form part of a major exhibition of work by SOM opening in Ambika P3 in March.

Do please follow the project as it unfolds through the Project Portal and Instagram, or see it complete at the Public Exhibition in January.



The Architectural Media Workshop is an exploration and celebration of key buildings from a major international architecture practice using all the diverse creative and representational media available in the University of Westminster's Fabrication Lab. This year we are collaborating with the influential architecture, interior design, engineering and urban planning firm, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

We will introduce you to some fundamental digital manufacturing processes using lasers and 3D printing (1st Years), and CNC machining (2nd Years). Working as part of a larger team, each focused on one of nine key buildings, your role will be to work in pairs to create a physical representation of a specific element or aspect of the project, either structural (2nd Years) or architectural (1st Years). Through short building team meetings each day we will help you to both choose an appropriate element of the building to work on and to coordinate your contribution with those of the other members of your building team to produce a rich and coherent representation of the building to present at the exhibition. 

While developing your competence and confidence working with the specific digital manufacturing tool, we will encourage you to understand the value of the technology in the context of specific materials, and to see its role in the creative development of new processes through which you can represent and explore architectural ideas. We will work with you to innovate new ways of working with familiar machines and common materials to produce creative techniques and workflows that can be shared with others working with the same material.

We want everyone also to both contribute to the many elements that constitute a successful exhibition, at the same time as you learn how new digital tools and coordinated digital workflows enable large teams of designers to collaborate effectively on a single complex outcome. We will teach participants advanced workflows for creating the project itself - organisation, models, drawings, distributed video, images, publications - and so learn also how large offices work today using new technologies to efficiently produce high quality results that draw on the talents of everyone in the team. 




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