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Most of the tools in the Lab require some basic knowledge before you can use them, and many can be dangerous if used incorrectly. We combine an ethos of all Lab Users working with the tools and making things for themselves - because that’s the fun bit - with a comprehensive set of short training courses which teach you how to use them.

Hot Wire Cutters

Purchase and collect your material using click and collect from the Lab Shop before your slot begins. You must be finished and cleaning the equipment, using the anti-bac wipes provided,  5 minutes before your slot finishes. A face mask must be worn at all times.

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Following the recent announcement from the Government about further restrictions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Lab will unfortunately now not be open to visitors at least until the 1st February. We will review the situation then and hopefully may again be able to open the Lab Shop and to take bookings for the Lasers and CNC machines. Our online support will continue as usual. Please join us for help making your models at the 12.00 daily clinic. Our online teaching will also resume next week, with the start of the first Kinetic Architecture Workshop, Monday at 11.00, for all Architecture BA first years. We look forward to you joining us then.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the latest restrictions. We hope as you do to see you in the Lab again soon!


David and the Lab Team