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Download the latest version of Rhino from here. There are versions for Windows and Mac and they will be fully functional for 90 days without you needing to pay. You can then get a heavily discounted student version with full functionality for less than £200. Download here.


However, we understand that some people might not be able to come into the lab to collect materials so in the following list are shops which are open online and offer delivery:

• Help Panel

Rhino has a very well implemented Help System that runs in the background as you use the software. Keep the Help Panel open as you select commands, and it will tell you how to use them and what the different options do, often with little animated graphics. You'll find it next to the Layers Panel.

LinkedIn Learning Rhino Basic course

You need to log in with UoW student email, then you can take the course for free. Typically these are quite expensive. These courses tend to take a while to work through, but start at the beginning and cover lots of material. Worth taking the time now if you have it to get a good foundation in the software. The currently available courses are for Rhino 6, as 7 has not been out long. But you will find that there are very few differences if any for someone starting with the software. All the new features are for mostly for advanced users. The basic interface and commands are the same.

Rhino 6 for Mac

Same course as above, but for Mac users. You'll find you can do almost all the same things on the Mac and PC versions, but they do have a slightly different interface for each platform. Easier to follow tutorials on those made for your computer at least to start with.

The Rhinoceros User Guide

If you prefer to read your way to knowledge. Clear and well written, and very comprehensive. Good to dip into once you know what you're doing and want to learn the details of specific commands.

McNeel Wiki

Information and general knowledge and support from the makers of Rhino.

Youtube tutorial

There are LOTS of tutorials on YouTube for Rhino (as for almost everything else!). There are some very helpful ones, and some that are less good. Try a few out and you will soon find something useful. Rhino is used in lots of industries (Jewellery design, boat design, product design) so don't be afraid of following tutorials for other types of design. They can still be very useful for architectural design.