04/12/2019 PROJECT DATE


For every area of the Lab where there are hazardous tools or materials, there is an Essentials Course you need to take before you can use that area. All our training courses use blended learning, combing online learning and a quiz, with a supervised practical and a making challenge. The courses include a mandatory Health & Safety component, but are designed to offer much more, teaching you all the basic tool handling and making skills to enable you to start straightaway making something useful for your projects. It’s essential that you take these courses before using the relevant part of the Lab, but they also provide the essentials of everything you need to know to get started. Note that even if you are already familiar with the tools, or are an experienced maker, or are the Vice-Chancellor (!) you will still need to take the Essentials Course so that you can learn how our tools are set up and the specific way we manage them here in the Lab.